Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Favourite Ranga

A certain girl I know was once overhead in a restuarant drunkenly proclaiming "I've always had a bit of a thing for rangas"!
 Now, in all fairness being her birthday, she was surrounded by her friends and a particularly naughty friend was egging her on.
'So what ?'  
its just a bit of harmless, drunken fun right? 

Well, it should be pointed out that the red headed waiter was standing right behind her at that exact moment.....
So in remembrance of that occasion, here is a list of some of my favourite rangas; in no particular order.

Mr Kerry O Brien, famed longtime television journalist for the ABC.  Suffice to say that if I was a pollie who was about to be interviewed by Kerry, I'd be crappin in my expensive suit.
His skills roasting pollies on tv makes for excellent viewing however.
It should be pointed out that Kerry does qualify as a Silver Fox, and we all know that Miz does have a thang for them too.
That, however is a whole other post.


The one, the only Miss Sexual Hotpants. 
We met at Christain Youth Camp.
Its not always the quiet ones that need to be watched.

Chuck Norris.  Don't fuck with the Chuck.
The Texas Ranger also qualifies for the Silver Fox category (are we seeing a pattern here?)
The man also packs an impressive Moose Knuckle no?

Josh Homme ladies and gentlmen.  Need I say more?

My favourite tattooed, pierced, bike-riding-cheffy-labtech.
You know who you are!

Kenny K-dawg, King of all the kool kids.
Foul mouthed ceramiscist extraordinare.
And as we can see here, owner of an impressive chest rug- only thing missing is a thick gold chain.

 This week I love.....
  • Chocolate hot cross buns.  Put them in the toaster, and then slather them with butter.  The ultimate Easter breakfast food- oh yeah! 
  • My new tattoo!  Ya-huh readers that makes #5 (not quite the tattooed circus lady yet).  Hurt like a bitch too, I don't remember my earlier tatts hurting so much - but she's so cute!

  • My job.  My job is now even better than before- now I get to work from home (yep, I can hear your jealousy from here.

  • Holidays.  Not long now until Miz hits Melbourne, and I have the feeling that we are going to love each other.

  • Hamamachi viewing.  Its spring right now in my favourite place, Japan, which means that the Cherry Blossoms are out!  Wish I was in Kyoto tripping about and going to endless Hamamachi viewing parties, drinking sake in the park and enjoying bento.  Maybe next year, sigh.

love always, Miz Murasaki.


  1. HOT PANTS McQUEENApril 11, 2010 at 1:35 PM

    Ahhhh I love it!! What a rad and under rated blog about REDHEADS, Dont actually like the term RANGA but if its spoken about nicely I spose its ok!!!! Luv our "Christian Youth Camp" reference.....WTF???

  2. ha ha funny. Love the picture with the chest rug. totally suits him. You left a few out - BGD (you know what this acronym stands for miz) and i can't think of any others right now...but i am sure there are some more.

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