Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Losing my (blog) virginity

So here it is!! My first bloggy spot on my brand new blog - how exciting!

Anyone who knows Miz Murasaki knows that I lurve shopping, and the sound of my own voice shouting out my own opinions (granted you guys can't actually hear it). So this spot will be all about my favourite things including, but not restricted to clothes and accessories, BAGS!, books, movies, shops, music - WHATEVER. If i like it, you will see it here.
There is something completely decadent and selfish about a blog all about oneself- that's why it appeals to me.
I recently returned from a holiday in my most favourite place - Japan! Nobody shops like the Japanese and needless to say, when in Rome.........
Anyway, during my holiday i bought soooo many wonderful things, it occurred to me that i should share my loot with other like minded souls (fellow consumers of the world - unite!). I thought " there must be other people out there who would appreciate these treasures as much as i". And so, the idea for Miz Murasaki was born......
This week i love these green vinyl converse sneakers that i saw in Tokyo. Sadly it was my last day in Tokyo and, as a consequence i had no room left in the suitcase (actually i was already way over my weight allowance) so i had to do the adult thang and leave these shoes to be loved by someone else. Of course the fact that i already have three pairs of connies was also soothing balm.
In my mind i will imagine the shoes roaming free in Tokyo on the heels of some young fashionista, probably teamed with a pair of super short shorts and some funky thigh-high socks, they love the socks in Japan (incidentally i did buy a few pairs, but see me about that next time). Did i mention that i lived on gyoza and little cakes filled with sweet red bean paste for like about a week? So this week i also love sweet bean paste, i think its called anko? Let me know readers!


  1. cecpot82@hotmail.comNovember 30, 2009 at 7:59 PM

    Gee Mizmurasaki, you love to talk or should I say write. Me personally, i like those green cons you were ranting on about. i have always appreciated converse sneakers but until very recently believed i was not worthy....but times have changed. not sure on the colour though, maybe hot pink. do they sell those?

  2. Dear cecpot82,
    Yes, connies are very cool and everyone should have at least one pair, did you know that they were originally used as basketball shoes? I am not too sure about the pink, i didn't see any;however, you do raise a valid point, pink would be hot! I am sure that you would be worthy of a pair of connies, you should treat yourself. They go with everything, so you would certainly get your money's worth.
    with love, Miz Murasaki.