Friday, November 13, 2009

The B Post

So its only my second post and already i can see there is going to be problems because i have realised that i do way too much consuming and i have many, many opinions. How will i ever keep up with it all? Good thing there is no limit on how often i can blog! (see what i just did there? I used blog as a verb, such versatile word to have in one's lexicon).
Unfortunately the post holiday glow is starting to wear off, and life is returning to normal. The good news (for me at least) is that i have finished my exams and so the post holiday glow has been replaced with end of exams giddiness! What this means for you, dear readers is that i have three months to dedicate to my blog!Well not quite three months I do plan on doing other stuff - I have a life you know.

The B Post. This post is going to feature some cool 'B' things that i am particularly enamoured of at the moment.

Books! Yes i love books every week; however, i wanted to pay special attention to the Penguin Books 'Popular Penguins Promo' because right now book lovers can buy brand spankin' new penguins for only $10!!!
'wow man how can you argue with that price? '
Kudos to the folks at Penguin i say. Anything that makes good literature more affordable for the hoi polloi gets the Miz Murasaki stamp of APPROVAL! I myself have five, probably soon to be six or seven, who knows where it'll end.

It makes one wonder, how if Penguin can do this so cheaply, why the other publishing houses sell their titles for so much more? This in turn makes me think about the parallel imports proposition - don't even get me started. Why in the hell would we honestly believe that just because the big retailers could buy cheaper books that they would pass the savings on to us, the readers? puh-leese.
I have no interest in pushing up the margins of those retailers. I'm all for cheaper books of course, but not at the expense of the Australian industry, or the poor confused minds of students, learning to spell words in Australian English, but reading books written in American English. At this point I could rattle on about the Americanisation of Australian culture, but i think we all get my point. Lucky for us, the government knocked this proposition back (good one Kev, I think we dodged a bullet there).
Well, back to the Bs.....

With new titles being released regularly anyone is sure to find something that interests them, it's the surprise that keeps on coming! Miz Murasaki, (cunning as she is) is taking the opportunity to purchase quality linguistics reference books. Because I can't see myself getting a hold of any linguistics texts at the uni bookstore anywhere near that price.
So go forth and read, read I tell you!

My other 'B' crush this week is Buttons. The humble button has been enjoying a bit of a creative comeback of late.
I really can't say enough about the button, from a fashion perspective they can make a whole outfit. Simply by changing the buttons on our clothes, we can change the whole look of the garment, and the options are endless. Just step into your local haberdashery store and see what i mean (hab-er-dash-ery what a word).
I have a bit of a penchant for mismatched buttons; consequently, I have updated countless outfits by simply changing the buttons (i love a nice soft cardi with contrasting buttons). Lately though I have noticed some clever, crafty ladies using buttons in jewellery. Maybe the Kiwis were ahead of us here, because a few years ago i was holidaying in Raglan, where there was a whole assortment of button based jewellery for sale. If there is one thing Miz Murasaki can't go past it's unique, clever jewellery. With this in mind i have recently become the proud owner of some button hair clips and a button ring. The gals with short hair will agree, cool hair clips are very important (incidentally hair clips can also change the look of an outfit AND say a lot about the wearer, but i digress).
Anyway, I'm off to read some penguins and mess about with buttons, till next time.
btw, Raglan is a great place, if you're ever in the Land of the Long White Cloud, check it out.

This Week.......
  • As Oz music month draws to a close i am particulary enjoying The Funkoars, who said RADelaide was dull?
  • Buttons, fashionable and functional is there anything they can't do?
  • Popular Penguins.  Affordable literature for all.
  • The light-headed, giddy sense of freedom and possibility one has after end of year exams. 


  1. Why do you think you are you so very special Miz Murasaki? And to think that your opinions and views matter so much to others? You dont write this as a self journal but as advice for others not as "hip" as you. Why is this so? Are you really that self obsessed to believe that people need your input into their daily lives?

  2. Dear Anon,
    Put simply, yes i am. Did you not read my profile? That is the beauty of having a blog, you get to proclaim your opinions as gospel.
    Do you have something against books? Is there something you would like me to write about?
    Ultimately though i am just really glad that my writing has prompted you to comment and also, because this means that someone other than my family is reading my blog - hooray! Hopefully my next post will have a similar effect. Don't forget to tell your friends!
    with love, Miz Murasaki.

  3. You have gone very quiet Miz Murasaki. Cat got that tongue of yours?? OR nothing worth bragging about this week perhaps??

  4. Dear Anon,
    Sorry but i've had a busy week, i did say that i had a life didn't I? I didn't realise that you were waiting otherwise i would've put in a bit more effort! I am actually working on something right now and it should be ready soon. I don't just post any old crap you know, it has to meet my high standards. Be ready soon i promise.
    Good to hear from you again!
    with love, Miz Murasaki

  5. Dear Anon,
    The fact that you question Miz about the need to express an opinion is indeed you doing what she does - that is, expressing an opinion. Remember opinions are like rearends, everyone has one and everyone is entitled to express it. If you don't like it question it or tune out.

  6. whoa, that last comment totally confused me. Anyone else????

  7. I love you all!
    keep commenting, i love opinions! But why be anon, subscribe and give yourselves names, i'm getting confused with all the anon action.
    don't forget to tell you friends about me either!

    love and merry crimble, Miz M